tablet bluetooth
*2-in-1:bluetooth keyboard+ultra-thin folio leather protective case.
*With a stand to support the tablet pc for easy viewing.
*Detachable keyboard,portable,waterproof and dustproof.
*Easy to install and remove.
*The 2-sided durable case helps to protect your tablet pc from accidential bumps,scratches and spills.
*Light weight,quiet keystrokes.
*Charging the keyboard using the included USB cable and get up to 48 days of battery life on a full charge.
*No matter which tablet PC OS you prefer, this bluetooth QWERTY keyboard and protective case has been designed to fit your needs, if you happen to own a 7 to 8 inch(or 9-10.1 inch) tablet due to its x4 plastic holder which securely hold your tablet inside the case. While protecting your tablet from scratches and drops, you can also simultaneously connect the removable bluetooth 3.0 QWERTY keyboard to your tablet which
gives you you all of the convenience of a laptop keyboard layout for fast and easy typing.
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